Saturday, 24 January 2015

Pulp variety

With the first batch of tentacles being based upon Purple Tentacle, it was time for some Green Tentacles. We've only got one green/yellow combination as it didn't really work that well, so I switched to green with purple suckers for the other 5. Still.. you have to have one green/yellow, right?  Looking at the photos, I really need to clean the loose flock off the black next time!

I've started a little 7TV cast based on the tv series Life on Mars, with some fantastic police from Crooked Dice. I've got some detectives and a police woman still to paint up.

To go with these, I also picked up some of the Crooked Dice Weeping Angels. Oh no! It looks like the Police have stumbled into an area inhabited by the Weeping Angels (talk about a crossover!) Those coppers better not blink...

Oh dear, those poor police officers...

Quickly, keep staring at them and back away slowly. What ever you do, don't blink...


Oh sh...


  1. I do like those tentacles and as for the coppers, brilliant! Love bit of weathering on those weeping angels too - cracking stuff Paul.

  2. Replies
    1. After painting them up properly, I want to get another set and paint them up without the wings. They would be great banshees, or damsels in distress

  3. Great job dude! I think the yellow/green tentacle looks as good as the others. Really like the coppers.