Sunday, 4 January 2015

I am satisfied with my care

Earlier on today I got the chance to watch a preview of the new Disney film, Big Hero 6. Being a big Disney and Marvel fan, I was looking forward to seeing how these meshed together as I'd not seen any reference to Marvel in any of the advertising.

The comic version of Big Hero 6  has gone through a couple of iterations, with different lineups in each, but the latest lineup, from 2008 features the same characters... but that seems to be where the relationships end.

The film doesn't feature the Marvel logo in the credits, which confused me slightly... but as the film progressed it became clear that the reason for that is because this isn't *quite* the same world that we know from the comic. Disney Animation had been given permission to take the concept and run with it in whatever way they wanted, including removing it from the Marvel universe completely. Don't expect Iron Man, Spider-Man or the X-Men to turn up, but there is a cameo from one well known Marvel face.

BH6 is a humorous, characterful... action packed film that will be added to my film collection as soon as humanly possible. Imagine The Incredibles, with a dose of Marvel and various anime influences thrown in and you're getting close.

Oh, stay until after the credits. In typical Marvel style, there is an end credit sequence that is well worth catching.