Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas presents for friends

This year I decided to paint some figures for Christmas presents, rather than buying a book, game or CD. Something that is a bit more personal and shows some thought and effort. They seem to have gone down well

The other set completed on time were Number 2 and Number 6 from The Prisoner.

The figures are from Crooked Dice... possibly my favorite gaming company. The sculpts are nice and clean, with plenty of character that brings the models alive.

Unfortunately I had an accident with the spray varnish as it misted up. Thankfully a coat of hand painted gloss varnish managed to fix the problem... but I didn't have any flatter varnishes to take the shine off the models... hence the photos being a bit dark to counter this. 

The other set were Crooked Dice's GhostBusters

He was so pleased with them that 5 minutes after dropping off the parcel there was an excited post on facebook with the following photograph. Made my day :)


  1. Both lovely sets and I particular like the Ghostbusters - I can see those heading home at some point!

    1. Crooked Dice have a 20% off code for January... so no better time to bring them home ;)