Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Springer SdKfz. 304

Carrying on from yesterday's Goliath mobile demolition remote. Here is the next step in the evolution of this concept. The Springer was a much larger vehicle, based upon the Kettenkrad chassis, modified to have more off road capabilities.

Once it was near it's target, the driver dismounted, closed up the hatches and let it go it's merry way, carrying 330Kg of explosives. Once the hatch was closed it was controlled remotely either via the wired interface used on the Goliath, or wirelessly. Like the Goliath it was expensive and unreliable, so wasn't that common. The main complaint was that it was expensive to replace as it was a "one use" piece of equipment. Did no-one think of that before it went into production?

Given that the Goliaths were easily targetted by tanks or AT weaponry, the Springer would have been easier as it's significantly larger. At least the Goliath you could hide in a hole and remotely detonate


  1. A one shot tank seems a little wasteful.

  2. It does seem a little short sighted doesn't it. An amazing contraption nonetheless.