Saturday, 28 December 2013

Challenge catchup

Over the Christmas period I forgot to post the photos that I'd submitted to the painting challenge here.

First up are a batch of zombies for Zombicide. Inspired by Carmen's black and white zombies these have been done in a very similar manner, but with the inclusion of some washes and a spot colour for the Rage and Toxic zombies.

And then there's the civvie for the first bonus round. This guy is the random Dreadball player that I received with my Deadzone kickstarter. He is supposed to be used as an NPC in some scenarios and as he isn't carrying any weapons he fitted the theme nicely. The aim of this guy was to complete something in under 3 hours on the final day.

While I managed to get it in, I won't be leaving things so late again as it was a real pain.

Anyway. I hope you all had a great Christmas

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