Sunday, 17 November 2013

Clearout part 1

Today we've been emptying more boxes and attempting to house the various things that we uncover. Mostly this is fine, but one or two bits are stumping me… I don't want/need them any more, but a charity shop isn't going to know what do do with them. If I'd have unburied them earlier in the week I could have taken them to the Wafare Bring and Buy… ah well.

If anyone is interested in these, they are either available through the Community Exchange program, or for postage.

Middle Earth CCG
Back in the mid 90s, I.C.E released a Middle Earth CCG that covered characters, locations and events from the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Unfinished Tales. I was working part time at GW when it came out, so I actually had some money and some really bad influences amongst the other staff. I seem to have a folder containing about 80% of the original set, with multiples of the non unique cards ready for deck building. There is also a rather large pile of spares and a few rulebooks too. There's more the enough for a couple of people to make decks out of, plus you can apparently play solo against the deck.

Deciper's Star Wars CCG
At around the same time, Decipher did a Star Wars ccg that covered the original trilogy, none of this Episode 1 rubbish. I have no idea what is in here, other than quite a lot. There is a mixture between black borders and white ones, so I would assume a chunk of these are from the first release. Get me and my in-depth analysis of the cards!

Starship Troopers: Prepare for Battle!
Following the release of Starship Troopers in the cinema, Avalon Hill released a new version of their strategy board game. The rules slowly evolve throughout the course of the prewritten scenarios, so new players do not get dropped in at the deep end. The board and tokens do make it nice and modular, so comic up with new scenarios is pretty easy. The box even says so, so it must be true!

WizKids PocketModel Star Wars
A friend showed me how to play this using his collection and it seemed like really good fun, so I caved in and bought some of the tins (Hoth ltd and Force Unleashed ltd) as well as a fair few packs of cards. Unfortunately, he moved away shortly thereafter and I've not played it since.  The collection is about 90 cards and 58 ships/vehicles. The ships may be good for a portable version of X-Wing? I love the concept of the models coming as a card. there's some clever design work gone into some of these.

There's a box full of miniatures that I need to work through next. That'll be fun :/

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