Monday, 18 November 2013

Bile Trolls

Here's another new monster for Warhammer Quest. It's from Warhammer Forge's Tamurkhan book and will make a nasty opponent, suitable for replacing normal Trolls in Chaos infested dungeons. You are unlikely to encounter these and normal trolls in the same area as no troll wants to become one of these, no matter how stupid.


Bile Trolls
Photo Copyright Warhammer Forge

Trolls are never the easiest of beasts to confront, but when they become feared Bile Tolls they become even more dangerous.

Trolls have a natural tendency to consume anything they come across which, in the Cold Mires of the Troll Country, tend to be the result of the constant warring between the various Chaos hordes in the Northern Wastes. Most of the time this isn't a problem, but occasionally some really hungry trolls come across the remnants of some of Nurgle's worshipers. Once consumed, these corpses infect the trolls with Nurgle's Rot.

These creatures live in constant agony, hanging between life and death as their regeneration abilities battle with the plague that is consuming them.

Allegiance: Chaos (Nurgle), Monsters

M WS BS S T W I A Armour Dam Gold
Bile Troll 6 2 6+ 5 5 40 1 3 - 2D6 750

Special Rules: Fear 8; Vomit, Plague, Regenerate 1, Daemonic -1

Notes: I would suggest that these can be swapped in to replace normal trolls. The Plague addition isn't nice, but they don't regenerate as fast and don't hit quite as often.

Bile Tolls can be purchased from Forge World

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