Monday, 9 September 2013

The Trellborg Monstrosities

While I was away I started to read the next Achtung! Cthulhu rpg adventure, The Trellborg Monstrosities. This mission is set much later in the war than the previous two and pits the players against Black Sun operatives who have discovered a long forgotten Norse saga and the ruins of an ancient temple that the saga tells was where Odin was hung.

As usual, the adventure is well formatted with some nice maps and accompanying illustrations. Having said that, this time I'm not quite as keen on some of the images, but that's more of a clash of styles (mine and the artist's) than it being truly awful... unlike the artwork in Westwind's Secrets of the Third Reich books.

So far, it's quite good and seems to offer a few different ways of getting the party to where you need them to be, depending on your party's ability to be sneaky. You've also got the added bonus of getting a novelisation of the adventure in the Drivethrurpg download. The adventure book references pages in the book for additional ideas or tips on how to run certain situations, which I thought was a nice touch. I've yet to read the story, so I'll have to come back to that later.

The one thing that this has reminded me of though is that I never did finish the Hero Lab files for the first two books... I can't even remember now why I had to stop writing them. I suspect it was something to do with the inability to create one of the NPCs with the valid ruleset. There was one character who had been given a combination of things that isn't (as far as I could work out) actually legal with the Savage Worlds rules. With everything now in boxes, I seem to have some time on my hands to go back and try to work out the best way to approach the issue.

We should be getting the first of the core setting books for Achtung! Cthulhu sometime soon too, so I may be better off waiting for that to arrive before getting too far into things.


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