Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Character Cards

Every now and then there's an interesting little kickstarter that seems too useful to pass up. Enter Character Cards.
The creators of this decided that it would be good to create a deck of cards that can be used to generate endless characters for RPG sessions. Each card contains a prewritten character with a brief description, their heart's desire, occupation, physical nature, social connections and a secret about the character. You can either use the cards as they are, or use them to make your own NPCs really quickly by drawing random cards for each of the 6 attributes.

My deck arrived recently and I've now had the chance to properly read through them. The cards are really nicely printed and for the price, it's a really neat little tool to add to a GM's toolkit, especially a novice one like me. The characters are written up for a fantasy game, but most of them are easy to convert to any other era or system. The deck does come with some vague rules to play a little game with them, but I can't see me ever trying it...

There was a note tucked into the pack to say that they are starting work on a Fantasy Locations deck. I suspect that one will not be quite so useful for Achtung! Cthulhu though


  1. Great find Thanks I can see a potential use for these

  2. Interesting thought. I could see using something similar.