Friday, 27 September 2013

Displacement activities - Paint comparisons

As the house move drags on, I'm wishing I hadn't packed away all my painting stuff as I'm mostly spending the evenings randomly trawling the internet and not doing anything constructive. Other than generating new ideas of games I'd love to try and things to make or paint when we're all settled again of course! The list is getting rather long now and I need to distract myself from this, otherwise it's going to get expensive and frustrating after the move!

I know a lot of you, especially Giric's latest experiments use the three-colour method of painting, which is new to me as I've grown up with washes and blending. I've learned (sort-of) the 'Eavy Metal way, so now it'd be interesting to learn the Dalimore way; so when I'm all unpacked again, this is what I'm going to do.

To get ready for this, I decided to unpack and catalogue the paint collection to see what I've actually got and what gaps need filling for any triads necessary for the BfC unit (whatever it may be) that I promised to paint.

While I could make up my own triads (and probably will do as I'm unlikely to go and rebuy loads of colours), as a displacement activity I've started trying to map the different paint ranges to each other in order to get a better understanding of what I have and which Vallejo paints will work well together according to Foundry. There are plenty of gaming sites that tell you what the Vallejo or P3 replacements are for the GW paint ranges, but nothing that even starts to match up to the Foundry range. This is made even harder by Foundry not having particularly accurate colour swatches on their site. Skin tones, I'm specifically looking at you...half of them have the same hex number, which is highly unlikely.

I did find one chart that tried to tell you how to mix some of the original Foundry triads from the old GW paints, which is a start but leaves a lot of scope for error as most of the items weren't direct matches. I'm sure with the new GW range and Vallejo there must be better matches out there, but without access to them all I'm a little stuck.

Tonight's plan is to start creating a proper reference table with the colours I do know. If any of you use the Foundry range at all, I'd love to know what you consider the closest matches in either the old or new GW ranges, or the Vallejo Model or Game ranges.

For those of you that paint using triads (or similar painting styles), I'd also love to know what your most used combinations.


  1. Foundry flesh is very hard to match up properly as the full set is 8 colours, I have a handy tutorial on my blog using 4 of the vallejo flesh colours and they work well and are used by many. I use a lot of foundry triads as I am lazy and cant be bothered to mix a lot of colours by eye the system makes it easy to pick your colours and be consistent.

    1. For the flesh ones, I was mostly amused that about three of their sets claim to all use the same colours, with different numbers. The swatches for South American, Native American, Near Eastern, North African and Mediterranean are all the same. I've not seen them in person, but I'm pretty sure they aren't the same.

      The sets I'm interested to see if I already have the colours for are Dark African and African as GW always seems to be pale european.

  2. I use Vallejo base flesh then Army Painter flesh and GW elf flesh. Most other colors I make up as I come to them, I have a few combos that I like to use like horse flesh would be Dark brown base then shadows flesh and mid and just add a lighter color to the shadows flesh for highlight.
    I never use three tones on all of the figure in fact most areas are just two tone.
    Peace James