Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sir Horatio Gubbins

Here's another one of the models from my mystery parcel this week. He is going to become the head of my Strange Aeons force, Mi57.

Mi57 and Sir Horatio Gubbins

Created in 1873 as D57, the department was designed to investigate the rise of occult activity within the British realms, both at home and overseas, and to gather any artefacts that came to light. Throughout the remainder of the 19th Century and into the early 20th, D57 was primarily an academic and archaeological group with minimal active field work.

As the 1930s progressed, it became apparent that the Germans and Russians were both investing heavily in occult research and would, some day, need countering. In response to these findings, D57 was granted its own budget stream, provided secret training grounds and changed to become Mi57, with the remit to protect the King’s realm from mystical attack. Mi57 retained its core remit of research and collection, but also gained a specially trained team of operatives that can work out in the field to counter any potential threats, be it from another nation or the worlds beyond this one. As WW2 started, the Esoteric Response Operations Network (or E.R.O.N for short) was formed as a sub-division of Mi57 to work closely with French, Polish and US occult teams behind enemy lines.

Sir Horatio Gubbins heads up the Home Front division, which uses agents that aren't fit (or young) enough to work behind enemy lines, but have proved themselves stout enough to face the horrors being raised against them. Prior to heading up this division he had seen action in Egypt hunting down the last remaining cells in the Cult of Amon See.

M Dex Con A W Res Skills
5(4) 3+ 6(7) 3 2 3+ Command, Characteristic Decrease (Dex)
Special: Human  
Equipment: Bowie Knife, .45 Handgun, Light armoured vest  
BP: 6 points

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