Friday, 9 August 2013

Otherworld fantasy skirmish

For those of you already on the 7TV forums, you'll have seen this, but it's certainly made my day. Otherworld Miniatures have teamed up with Karl Perrotton, writer of the Crooked Dice Action engine (7TV, 7ombieTV and 7th Voyage) to create a fantasy skirmish system. It's going to carry on using the Action Engine, which is a great start as it's a nice simple mechanic that flows well, and try to capture the climactic feel to an RPG adventure where you finally face off against the big bad.

The Action Engine was apparently originally written as an RPG-lite system anyway, so fitting in additional things like traps and treasure hunting is apparently not causing any issues. According to Karl on the 7TV forums, the game will be using an Adventure deck to introduce some RPG elements into the skirmish. The deck should include things like Wandering Monsters, Treasure, Traps and other miscellaneous events to spice up the story. From what has been said so far, it isn't intended to recreate the full dungeon crawl experience, but it should be pretty easy to expand the Adventure deck to include enough wandering monsters and NPCs that it could be used to run a Warhammer Quest equivalent.

The rules will be sold via crowd-funding later this year. If past campaigns are anything to go by, Otherworld will probably use Indiegogo.


  1. Sounds good I have started picking a few figs in preparation for it. I might try and have a few games using the 7th Voyage rules :D

    1. I suspect you won't be too far removed if you try that. I wonder if CD will also be providing the internal artwork for the book too?

    2. I'm intrigued by the decks for traps as well sounds great. Need to save some cash for later in the year me thinks.

      The otherworld figs are fab as well.

  2. Oh know, another wonderful distraction heading my way!