Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More useful maps

Today uncovered a few more useful map packs for Achtung! Cthulhu games, this time from Piazo. They have created an ever expanding range of map packs, both as Gaming Mats and additional tiles for their Pathfinder system. While these packs are designed for a fantasy system, most of them will be useful in 20th century, real world situation as well, especially if you're sent behind enemy lines in Eastern Europe or North Africa... even things like mystical tombs and magical lands fit as we've already got extra-dimensional beings threatening the world! There's even a neat Rooftops one for all your rooftop chase needs ;)

The newer maps can be bought as a physical product, but they have their entire range available as PDFs.

Paizo's tiles in action

God... I'm beginning to sound like an advert for other companies! We should be starting our campaign next week, so hopefully I can start posting some actual game related updates soon.

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