Tuesday, 19 March 2013

28mm Mythos monsters

Well. In previous posts I've covered some options for ww2 themed troops, but it is a bit hard to do a mythos investigation without a few beasties. Here's a few different options that I've come across from various forums and miniature sites

Black Cat Bases has a neat range of mythos creatures. Quality isn't quite as good as the RAFM models.

RAFM seem to have a wide selection of mythos gribblies including Gaunts, Deep Ones, Yith  and Leng spiders.

Tengu models have a really nice  Yog-Sothoth... creepy as hell and actually quite reasonably priced.

As I mentioned in an older post, the Fantasy Flight Games Mansions of Madness game also comes with some really cool creatures

Hmm. Someone is listening... As soon as I started writing about these, Modiphius started posting about their own range of Mythos creatures on the Kickstarter. A £15 upgrade from the investigators to get 6 creatures is pretty neat. There's also chatter about some 28mm zombie nazis... just in case you don't have any of those laying around anywhere already. I can't wait to see their finished Mi-Go

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