Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lost the plot already...

Darnit. I was aiming to start introducing my players to Modiphius' Achtung ! Cthulhu setting this week. As usual, work managed to get in the way of everything and I didn't have time to finish reading the Savage Worlds book, or create the starting characters for them. On the plus side, I've got a business trip to Mexico coming up soon, so that will give me plenty of time away from distractions to create some characters and finish reading up on what I'm supposed to be doing as a GM!

In the mean time, you'll have noticed I've started mapping out some plot hooks based upon mythos tales and real world disasters from the late 1930s onwards. The aim is to build up a nice big pool of plot hooks that I can pick and choose from as my players start exploring the world. When I use a plot hook, I can then convert that into a full blown post on how we used the hook and what the outcome is for "our" world.

That's the plan anyway...

I will probably need the occasional poke as I do tend to procrastinate somewhat!

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