Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Banda Sea earthquake

Banda sea

The Banda Sea is an area of the Pacific ocean that is surrounded by hundreds of small islands, forming the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. It is about 1000 km (600 mi) east to west, and about 500 km (300 mi) north to south.

In 1938, on February the 1st, the Banda Sea was the site of the 9th strongest earthquake in the 20th century, generating massive tsunamis. Thankfully no-one was killed in the earthquake, but given the region and the chains of tiny islands it seems perfectly suited for some deep, dark mystery.

An obvious starting point is to link this to the Dagon story and plot hooks as the region is about right. The Dagon story does take place a bit further out into the pacific, but having a sunken realm in the Banda Sea makes some sense as we have all of the islands that are the peaks of something much much larger.

If you want to avoid raising a major deity and driving your players bat____ insane, you could set your adventures in a sunken city; a bit like Atlantis. Maybe a local cult, or a group of Nazi scientists have worked out it's location and have started to collect artifacts from it; maybe it's a city full of Deep Ones that needed cleansing...

For non-mythos related adventures, it could have even been the site of a secret German/Japanese submarine base... blowing up the base could cause a major collapse of a cave system, causing the earthquake.

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