Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mr Punch Vs Mr Hitler

Last weekend we went to Hughenden House in High Wycombe for one of their special War weekends. Sadly we missed the Secrets of Hughenden tours, but we did get to see three of the highly entertaining sessions from Stephen Wisdom (AWHistory).

Stephen is a history for film, TV, museums and schools. We've seen him at a few different re-enactment events and each time it's been hilarious and very educational. The three talks this weekend covered the truth behind the Dam Busters film, including a skilfully crafted scale model that works; What to do when you're shot down behind enemy lines (including how to escape from a prison camp) and the joy of joys... Mr Punch vs Mr Hitler.

Sadly due to my favourite camera lens keeling over dead on sunday morning I don't have photos of Mr Punch, but I do have some from the same event as the F&IW and ECW photos that I posted earlier. So enjoy the tale of Mr Punch vs Mr Hitler!

The tale, as always, starts with Mr Punch being a lazy swine and avoiding doing any work. His hideous wife, Judy, starts to beat him with a stick when he fails to buy her posh sausages but ends up on the wrong end of the stick when he has enough. After burying her under the patio, the Small Scottish Parachute Regiment Recruitment Officer...

turns up looking for volunteers to go on a secret, dangerous mission to Berlin to kill Hitler. Oh boy.

2K to Berlin

On his way to Berlin he falls asleep and gets ambushed by the Hitler's pet, The Man Eating Crocodile of Koblenz

It's behind you!
After a struggle, Mr Punch finally defeats The Man Eating Crocodile of Koblenz... and then decides to have another nap after all the exertion. Who's that sneaking up behind sleepy Mr Punch?
Sleeping Punch, sneaky hitler

Oh! It's Mr Hitler!

Punch vs Hitler
Punch Vs Hitler

In the end... Mr Hitler ends up on the end of a string of sausages!

Death by sausages

If you ever get the chance... go see one of Stephen's shows!

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