Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Procrastination ahoy!

It's been a hectic few weeks preparing for the move and massive deadlines, so apologies for the random nature of the updates recently. Over the last month or so I've been desperate to start making something, anything, so (as you do) the brain starts planning all sorts of fun things to try when we've moved... like we're going to have time to do much once we're in either!

The list is growing ever longer, but mostly revolves around finally having enough space to have a gaming table that I can leave up (once the attic is boarded, but that's another task for another day). Terrain is always something I've wanted to have, but never had a reason to make or own as playing games at home was never going to happen. I keep thinking about making houses and trees and rivers and roads and 3d boards and gaming mats... the list is endless.

I think the simple place to start is, as always, with a project I already had ticking over in the background... rebuilding Warhammer Quest as this is something that is easy to build up as time goes on and fits into the highly modular, reusable approach that my brain seems to take with things these days... damn you CMS templating! You've ruined the bigger picture!

The plus side is that dungeons and tunnels are more than generic enough that mythos and pulp games would work in them just as easily. There's the Otherworld/7TV system due for release later this year too, which should be great. While I'm on the subject of rebuilding dungeons... I came across a blog that is well worth reading if you remember Heroquest.

Ampersand Di over on Something in the Dungeon is attempting to make a new Heroquest set, including all the furniture. These pieces are brilliantly done and exactly the sort of things I want to have a go at when I get the time. Go follow him, he only has 5 followers, which is a crime!

And on a musical note, today has been survived thanks to Curve

For those of you astute enough to notice that I have probably said I will start something else... I probably did. I'm a fickle soul and will probably change my mind again by the time I get to start anything ;)


  1. Ah, the plans! I got tons of that! You can't realize all the plans, but thinking about it all is kind of a hobby, so that is always good :).

    For terrain, there is no better way to start but with a project where you need it, as logical as it sounds :D

    1. But, but I needs it all! ;)

      Another item on the great big list is a nice sculpted, very detailed diorama board for taking photographs of new models on.

      St00pid brain decided to keep me awake last night with the idea that it would be cool to create lots of unique dungeon rooms to cast and sell. Each one coming with it's own playing card to allow randomly generating dungeons (WQ style) if you buy enough bits to make a dungeon ;)