Saturday, 16 December 2017

Challenge prep.... 4 days and counting

This morning I've been doing some spreadsheet magic to work out what I have lined up for the challenge and when some of them should be done by... probably not as detailed as some of yours, but hey. At least it is better than every other year, which is just a box of undercoated figures and last minute panics when I forget to do one of the bonus round entries. If I can get all of this done, then I'll have made great strides in knocking a number of projects off the list... most of which started in previous challenges.

At present a number of my items rely upon the weather getting a little warmer so I can spend some time outside undercoating and cutting things up. These things are not allowed in the house and I've not yet set up a small airbrush booth for undercoating in my office... so cold spray cans it is :/

With the inclusion of terrain this year, I'm interested to see what starts appearing in some of the entries. I know there are one or two little bits in my list to work on.

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