Thursday, 2 November 2017

And now for something completely different

In a change to the current schedule, for the first time in what feels like ages... I had a coupe of days off work this week and took the opportunity to make a start on some new terrain. Now I have a table, I needed some buildings to go on it! This is the second 4Ground building that I've put together. This one is much much better than the bombed ww2 building. The detailing and fits seem much better.

The forge and chimney consists of about 35 pieces alone! The building is going to be set into some hex shaped bases so that it will slot nicely into my table when it starts going together. While the kit is very pretty, it feels too clean and needs some of the roof tidying up, so I've started hacking this thing up already. The sharp corners to the brickwork on the forge are being roughed up  a bit to make it look less neat. I need to find some time at the weekend to practice with the foam cutter to make the tiles. Once I have the base, the painting can start on the forge...

Some of the Oathsworn dwarves turned up today as well. These are quite a nice kit with plenty of options to make up various troop types from Frostgrave as well. Not quite as many little optional bits as the others, but this is intended to be ranks of infantry rather than skirmish based. The parts will scale well though, so making them more personalised will be easy enough with leftover bits. I grabbed a coupe of the metal figures too, which are excellent as a Heritor, Mage or Crow master. Looking forward to fiddling with these kits.


  1. Cracking stuff, I do like the 4Ground buildings and quite fancy this one myself.

  2. Great stuff; I love the Fabled Realms kits. Not seen this one before, so time for me to check out their latest additions :)

  3. I have to say that the Fabled Realms stuff does look cool. I suppose for added variation there's the medieval range too from 4Ground.

    I still have nightmares from the time I glued up my Wild West double storey, under-construction mdf building's roof. In the end it got done with superglue, just to stop it falling apart before the glue had set! :D