Monday, 23 October 2017


In ye olde dim and distant past, Scarlett was a Belgian counter intelligence officer in Action Force. With the move away from the Battle comics to Larry Hama's continuity she evolved into an American of Irish descent who had more of a martial arts background and love interest for Snake Eyes.


  1. Very nice work Paul. :)

    On point of fact, we co-opted Scarlett to Action Force from GI Joe, not the other way around. :)

    1. Well if you want to get technical, we borrowed the figure, but she started off with the codename Quarrel in Battle Action Force and changed to Scarlett part way through the Palitoy run. Given that I started with BAF rather that RAH, for me she started as a Belgian and morphed into an American :D

  2. Excellent job. I am tempted for a second set just to do Quarrel.

  3. I really don't get the GI Joe thing but I am really lking the figures. This is great work.

  4. A Belgian, really? Who made that up 😊?
    Well painted, she looks fantastic.