Sunday, 8 October 2017

Laird Destro

I havn't yet painted a zombie for Zombtober... maybe I should rename it to Joetober?

Following on from the Baroness, I had to do Laird Destro at the same time. They are an iconic pairing of villains who seem to have consciences; Destro more than the Baroness. As an international arms dealer, war in any form suits him; with Cobra or against... whichever has a higher profit margin.

The character Destro did also exist in the Battle Action Force comics for a while before they transitioned into the Action Force series, but the character was very different. Rather than a Scottish weapons dealer, he was a Latvian who defected from the Russian army to Action Force and then over to the Red Shadows. Once with the Red Shadows, he took the name Red Jackal.

I'm not sure why the toy specifically listed him with a Cobra affiliation, given his mercenary tendencies. MARS would have been a better affiliation for him. Speaking of which, I need to sort out some figures for his Iron Guard at some point.


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    1. Thanks! There seems to be a theme of simple colour schemes for GI Joe figures, which makes them quite quick to paint. I say this, but Zarana is in the queue :/

  2. Lol Joetober! I am sure he would make an admirable survivor