Saturday, 21 October 2017

Gaming clearout

In an attempt to make my office a little more usable, I need to start getting rid of some things in order to make space for others... I'm going to try and save some time and post them here and on a forum before resorting to the likes of feebay. If anyone is interested, please drop me a line at home @ end to discuss

Board Games:

Descent 2nd Edition - £45 including postage
This has all the cards form the conversion kit as well, giving you more options play with. Everything is in the box and all the board pieces are still on the card sheets. We only ever popped out the bits required for the first adventure and never really came back to it.

When Darkness Comes - The Awakening & The Horror Within - £20 including postage
This is the core set (The awakening) and The Horror Within expansions. This is a horror rpg/campaign board game from the team that made Zombies!! with some set scenarios for coop and some campaigns for GM led sessions. Interesting concept, I just don't have time for it any more. All the figures are in and unpainted.

Shadowscape - £18 including postage
This includes the kickstarter stretch goal cards (Deeper Dark). This was quite good fun, but I backed to dungeon crawler card games at the same time and the other one is more to my liking.

Z War One: Damnation - £65 inc postage
This is the resin edition and includes Issue 1 (the core box), Issue 2 (extra missions, +1 hero, +3 mutant zombies), the spec ops team, zombie versions of the core box characters and the Agent Z expansion. There is another figure that I'm not sure who he is, or what he is for as he is not on the project page. Note: This is not the KS version, so the stretch goal zombies are not in here. The game is good fun, but again, one of those that is too similar to other games we already have. Even though I prefer it, our group is likely to stick to the other game. It has an interesting campaign progression and involves some very careful monitoring of ammo as well as noise!

Avalon Hill's Starship Troopers - £15 inc Postage
All parts are in here and in good condition, despite the cardboard pieces being paper thin!

Finally, the biggie:

Conan - £145 including postage
This is the core game, the biiiiig box of extra kickstarter bonuses, the Campaign book, Sabretooth tiger expansion, Black Dragons expansion, Demon of the Earth expansion, the Dragon expansion and the crossbowmen expansion. It also has the updated english rulebooks as the original ones were very poorly written. This one is in the disposal pile because we tried a few times to decipher the original rules and got frustrated. Apparently the new rulebooks are much better and it is a very good game... but no-one here is willing to give them another go. That makes it a waste of space here and someone else's bargain of the day!

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