Sunday, 29 October 2017

Blobtober ends

With a couple of days left until Halloween, this is the last sunday of Zombtober... so it is only fitting that I finally get around to painting an actual zombie (sort of). This beastly nightmare is the Ablobination from Zombicide: Black Plague. This nasty bloated thing is an Abomination class zombie, with a ranged attack with that massive long arm... you really don't want to be anywhere near this guy. At all.

Some fantastic entries from everyone this year and thanks for letting me join the shambling hordes!


  1. That looks like an impressive beastly. How big is it?

    1. Thanks. Height-wise it is about a head taller than a normal Zombicide hero, but soooo much fatter. The base size is about 32mm

  2. Oh wow! That is wonderfully grotesque.

  3. Excellent work Paul, and a great way to finish Zomtober. :)

    Well done with your Zomtober 2017. :)

  4. That's awesome. Doubles as a backscratcher as well?