Monday, 11 September 2017

Embarrassing silence

Well, that wasn't planned. I was going to try and actually post lots this year, showing progress on the AdMech, the gaming room and general life stuff. That failed abysmally didn't it? Must do better!

Since the last update there have been a few additions to the AdMech forces.

We have the first of two Dunecrawlers. The other install in pieces under my desk at work. I kind of wish I'd remembered to put transfers on before weathering it... now I can't add the logos and numbers without having to re-weather it all :/

To accompany this, I've added a Datasmith, two robots and a load more skitarii of both types to bulk it out to 5 rangers and 10 vanguard. There are also two officer types just in case they ever return in the new codex.
The robots (Tik and Tok) had a few modifications to the base model... mostly covering up those godawful faces with some optics from the Dunecrawler kit and leaving off some of the armoured plates.

The most recently completed addition to the force is the start of a small allied Guard detachment to act as a cheap screen to the more expensive units. In the background, the AdMech have vast hordes of slaves who do the day to day grunt work of manning the factories. There are some stories that have these slaves also going to war, so I figured the Guard conscript unit would work well for these. To stop them running away, there is also a commissar equivalent to accompany them.

There are another 11 in the painting queue along with a load of other Skitarii, two more Dominus and some forge world robots. Now to decide if these are going to be painted now, or added to the challenge queue.


  1. Glad you are back. Don't beat yourself up. The fourth year I was blogging I did less posts in a year than I am doing in a month at the moment. The mood comes and goes.

    1. I seem to mostly be on the go side of things at the moment... though with the APC coming up again, I need to sort out what I'm doing for this year and finishing off outstanding bits before it starts... so hopefully that will give me a kick. Also... Instagram is much quicker at posting photos to ;)

  2. Welcome back! Nothing wrong with an ebb and flow to the hobby mojo - really dig the new ad-mech additions!

    1. Thanks! I have no idea how it will play (or if it will ever see play), but they have been fun to paint and look great as a group so far