Sunday, 17 September 2017

Contagiousness abound

After a slight deviation via lots of house decorating and gardening, I managed to finish  the first two figures from the new(ish) 40k starter set. The detail on these are wonderful and pretty much paint themselves with some glazes and washes

Thursday was a good day for hobby post. We are starting a Blood Bowl league, so I have just received my first ever team. I remember playing second edition when it first came out, but it Evers really clicked, mostly because I am not really a sports fan. I hope this time it makes more sense as none of my colleagues are WAAC type players, unlike the regulars I learned with last time. You will start to see the team coming together over the next few weeks.

In addition to that, the long awaited Compendium has turned up for Heroes of Normandie. The original rule books were... ok? The translations were a bit ropey, going from French to English. Thankfully they have taken a step back, consolidated the rules from Shadows of Normandie in and released a properly translated and community reviewed rule book. I need to take some of this into the office as well for lunchtime games.


  1. Very nice dude. I love the new Nurgle figures awesome paint jobs.

    1. Thanks! They are some of the more characterful figures they have done in ages. The nurglings on some certainly help!