Saturday, 15 July 2017

Tale of 4 warlords

With the release of 8th edition 40k, I decided that it was time to revisit the world. I'd pretty  much given up by the end of 6th as it was getting a bit ridiculous with all the rulebooks coming out. 7th just made it even worse. The hope with 8th is that it will be a bit more streamlined with the datasheets being nice and self contained as this is one of the things I like about Age of Sigmar.

Rather than revisiting my Guard just yet, I thought I'd have a go at finally building some of those Adeptus Mechanicus kits that I'd been coveting for years. Taking the Tale of 4 Warlords challenge from White Dwarf, I decided to see if I could stick to this as my painting seems to benefit from having a deadline to focus on.

The first month is to paint up one of the Start Collecting boxes and the 5 months after that you add something extra to expand the army further. By the end of 6 months you'll have a complete, painted army. I'm now 24 days into the first month and it is going fairly well so far.

Last night I finished the Dominus, who leads the excursions
Earlier in the month I managed to complete some infantry of various types. I'm sure I'm supposed to create complete units, but I had some spare special weapons kicking around from a conversion and decided to create some extras instead. Next month I'll try and flesh out the partial units into full ones.

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