Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Silence falls

It has been a while since the last update here; mostly because everything was going onto the Analogue Hobbies blog (that reminds me... must send the curtgeld on Saturday!!).

Painting time has been fairly limited as we've been painting the house, but I have done a few bits; which I'll post tomorrow. Today is fuelled with some serious levels of excitement!

As with most gamers, it has been a lifelong ambition to have a dedicated gaming room, so when we reorganised the house, I ended up with a much larger room for an office... the only problem was the large built in wardrobe taking up one wall. A few hours later I uncovered an old fireplace and some alcoves hidden behind some plasterboard. Excitement gave way to dismay when it became clear that the alcoves were only 8cm deep; far too shallow for books...

I'm an idiot...

Today the carpenter finished work on lots of built in bookshelves

a big desk

a fold-out gaming table (4x4 up to 6x4) with a metric tonne of drawers underneath for storage

and.... two alcoves worth of shelving for miniatures!!

 Now I just need to paint all the shelving white. Preferably after I've filled in some annoying gaps where the walls are most certainly not flat. This house...


  1. Now that's ingenious, what a great space Paul!

  2. Thanks! I'm stupidly excited as I can now leave out board games and start making terrain :D

  3. Nice new man cave Paul :)

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