Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year Resolution 1 - Tick!

Coming into this year I had a few resolutions in terms of gaming.

1) Try and complete some of the batches of figures already in the house. The Challenge is helping with this one and yesterday's batch of German infantry and finishing these two taks that have been in the backlog for years has helped kick start this and provide some inspiration to keep on going.

2) Actually try to get some games in this year. Preferably learning some of the systems that I've picked up over the last few years. For years I've been meaning to go and join the Wargames Association of Reading as they meet about 5 minute drive form where I live. These are the guys that put on Warfare each year, so it seems rude not to go and say hello and start having somewhere to go and try new things. So last night I went along to have a chat and ended up sitting with two guys called Steve as they muddled their way through some experiments with the beta of Flames of War v4.

It looks interesting, but some of the new rules are apparently slowing things down. A game that should have taken them an hour or so ended up being over 3 due to wound allocations and an equivalent to 40k's Look Out Sir. From the people that have tried the beta so far, most of them seem to be wanting a half-way house between 3 and 4 that just simplifies some rules without overcomplicating others. Not having tried either before I'm not entirely sure I can comment... but they have offered to loan me an army for some demo games soon.

Next week I have a demo game set up for Bolt Action against another club newb. Neither of us have tried BA before and neither of us are using our own armies either

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