Sunday, 25 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

A very merry seasonal greeting to everyone. I hope you were all good and got lots of nice presents this year! I got a couple of fantastic presents from the Santa Clause and Secret Santa groups this year; thank you so much to everyone involved in those!

Through the Santa Clause I got sent some awesome heavy armoured Germans from Konflikt '47. I've had my eye on these for quite some time, so thank you very much! I'd love to know what colours were used so I can add to the group

Also a big thank you to my Secret Santa for the big selection of figures from CP. Some great Federation troopers and some sci-fi civilians. They will do really nicely for 7TV, thank you! 

I've spent the last few weeks busily painting up presents for my Santa Clause victi... targets as well as presents for some friends. The Santa Clause figures were interesting as I got to paint up some things I wouldn't normally do; I just hope they go down well. I may reveal them in the new year, if I'm feeling brave. Assuming they are well received ;)

Outside of the Santa Clause, I tend to paint up a few figures for close friends as it is slightly more personal. Aidan has recently taken up Blood Bowl, so I picked up the two Forge World refs last week and squeezed them into the first entry for this year's Analogue Hobbies challenge, netting my opening 10 points. These two were very characterful figures, which made them entertaining to paint as there are lots of hidden details that you only really spot when working on them up close

Matt, on the other hand, doesn't get much time to play any more, but does have a nice little shelf of things friends have made for him. So each year I expand it a bit further. Last year was the Prisoner and Number 2. This year is Tim the Enchanter; one of the bonus figures from the Black Plague kickstarter


  1. Happy Christmas Paul, I love Tim the enchanter and have him on the painting table at the moment.