Saturday, 19 November 2016

It is all-out Warfare today

Like a few other people on my blogroll, I went to Reading's annual gaming show, Salute, this morning. Given that it is about a mile from home, it would be daft not to. I nearly ended up helping out on the Modiphius stand, but one of their team ended up making it. Still, I spent a fair chunk of time with them chatting away about one thing and another and ended up signing up for the Star Trek RPG playtest. This netted me the first acquisition of the day, in the shape of  the preview Captains, Kirk and Picard. If the rest of the miniature range are as good... damn this is going to be hard to resist. The models are absolutely perfect representations of the two actors. They are very truescale figures... no giant hands and accessories, or overstated creases in clothing, but the casting is so well done that it hasn't turned into a blobby nothing.

I also had a run through the Achtung! Cthulhu skirmish demo and managed to massacre Chris' Marines with my Black Sun troops supported by some Servitors. We only got to do some basics like move and combat, but it looks promising.  I'm looking forward to trying this with the strategy card decks and magic mixed in as well.

After that, I went shopping and picked up some essentials like undercoat and grass tufts before turning to some more bits and pieces for the upcoming Western project. These will appear throughout the painting challenge this year hopefully.... so no sneak peeks.

There were some stunning tables in the gaming area. My favourite two were the snowy Chain of command game going on in the middle of the room

And the Minions racing game at the back

There are plenty of other photos on Jim's blog

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  1. Yeah....the Star Trek game is going to be a must-buy for me!