Saturday, 29 October 2016

Cult update

Halloween is nearly upon us, so as a bit of a shock surprise, you can have an update to prove that I'm not actually dead... I just feel like it. Between hunting for secret santa and santa clause gifts I've finally managed to get a bit more done on the cult. The oranges are really growing on me, expecially for the 3rd and 4th gens. I was worried that some of these would be too bright, but the darker greys of the armour and pads have toned it down a bit.

These 5 are the furthest along and are just waiting for the bases to dry before I stick them together, so there will be some better photos when there are more to show off.

The skin was an interesting experiment, mixing purples into the flesh. The aim is for that the earlier the generation, the more purple there is in the skin. When the first and second gen hybrids appear you'll see what I mean a bit more clearly. I might post a wip of the heads tomorrow if I get any further with things


  1. My goodness Paul, these are brilliant!

  2. Thanks! I'm pleased with how they are coming along. Another post shortly with some more