Thursday, 24 December 2015

Fantasy dead rising

With the Painting Challenge now under way I got the chance to have a crack at some of the Dungeon Saga figures. As I'm trying to work my way through each set in order, the first batch are all undead from the core DS adventures along with the extras from the KS campaign.

The skeletons are nigh on identical in pose to the classic Heroquest skeletons... though they do thankfully have the clown feet and ham-fists missing . You would, theoretically, be able to fit one of these inside the barbarian character. I'll do a side-by-side comparison when the heroes get painted. 

Next to GW's Vampire Counts skellies, these guys are pretty fragile, but they don't look too bad next to each other.

Then we have some classic style zombie peasants. I wasn't too impressed with these ones when they first arrived, but now they are painted they look pretty good. 

And some more feral looking zombies that look far more like Mantic's ghouls... so I can see them changing role once the Zombicide: Black Plague zombies start to be painted up.

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