Thursday, 8 October 2015

Still not dead...

I'm still not dead, but Death did arrive yesterday in the form of a massive black box from Mr Poots, hence the brief, mystery post yesterday. It has been nearly 4 years since the Kingdom Death kickstarter finished and Adam started the loooong slog to bringing it to fruition. I'm sure there have been points where people felt it was never going to deliver, but from the very brief look through the box I can safely say that it has been well worth the wait... and we're still not done as only the core box has been delivered; we still have all the expansions to come!

I'll do a proper look through at the weekend when I've got the time to investigate it all properly as there is soooo much stuff in the box. As Kingdom Death is a campaign game that can be done solo, I'm aiming to play through a few campaigns and hopefully tell the stories from the lantern-lit darkness.

The nature of the world, and the mandatory use of lanterns to light it is giving me ideas on how to paint them up with *only* OSL. I just need to do lots of practice and research first, otherwise it will look real bad, real quick. The adult nature of some of the expansion models is also going to be toned down a lot too, which will hopefully give some of the monsters a different spin.

On a different note, another friend has recently started learning to paint and has just begun to upload some of his pictures to Go give him a warm welcome and encourage him to post more ;)


  1. I wondered what that was about, I was fearing the worst.

    1. Sorry! Everything is fine here, just busy doing some certification training for work

  2. Replies
    1. It looks to be well worth it though. The box is about 5kg when you put all the plastics in it and it is all absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Really looks like an awesome game, really looking forward to playing it!!