Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Painting update

Just to prove that some painting has happened recently, here are a few bits for various skirmish games

For Sharpe Practice and other Napoleonic skirmishes (possibly 7TV for the truly pulpy), the British infantry have increased to 5 models. I think the faces still need a bit of work on some of these, but I'm happy with the rest. I really wouldn't want to paint up an entire army in this style though as these 5 total about 6 hours work :/

The original test figure is to the far right.

As I only really want 10-20 British infantry for skirmishing with, that left me with some spares. What better way to use them up than to make some ghosts. I added two plastic vikings as well to add some variation. This seems like a good way to use up random historicals in the figure mountain while creating useful entries for 7TV or Strange Aeons

After that was some absolutely not Cylons for 7TV. Looking at the photo, I still have some work to do on these as it looks like I forgot to highlight the silver and the rifles (despite being black in the tv show) look boring as black. So back to the painting table for you three!


  1. Really like the Brit infantry, time well spent


    1. Thanks! A full army to that standard would look stunning... but dear god it would be brain melting ;)

  2. These look fabulous Paul, those 'not' Cylons look superb.