Friday, 27 February 2015

Season 2 zombies...

This little horde is the remainders of the Berzerk zombies (25), with two toxics that I'd found in the bottom of a box. These mark the end of all the Season 2 zombies. With Season 3 delivery looming, it's quite a relief to have this lot done, even if it did kill my drybrush. The poor thing is a tiny, worn down stump of a thing, useful only for weathering powders now.

Last night's entries (some Russians and these zombies) to the Painting Challenge saw me manage to breach the second points goal this year and exceed last year's total, so I'm now staring at a 1500 point goal. With under a month left on the painting challenge and various uncompleted projects still floating around, I can't decide which thing to work on next... finish the gladiators, finish the Not-Ogryns, start the second War of the Roses force for Lion Rampant, or start on the fantastic Vikings my mystery Secret Santa sent.

Alternatively... Not sure if you remember, but way back in the dim distant past, I traded my painted season 1 set with a friend when I decided to go from full colour zombies to this black and white version. This means I have another 65 zombies sat around waiting to be painted (if you don't count the extra boxes of Toxics and Berzerkers).


  1. Great job on the zombies Paul, they look fantastic. Love the splashes of blood and colour, it really pops.

    1. The red marks them as berzerk zombies, green as toxic

  2. Excellent work, I like the odd green colour here and there on the figures.