Sunday, 22 February 2015

It's dead, but not quite

So, one of the updates this week was a batch of 16 skeletons of varying types for use in Warhammer Quest, Dungeon Saga and the various 7TV games. The first 13 are standard builds from the Vampire Count skeleton kit. They are very nice models, but rather bulky when compared to the other human models. There is no way one of these would fit inside the Empire state trooper models though.

The last three were built a couple of years back after a trip to GW HQ for a sculpting masterclass, but I never got around to painting them for one reason or another, so thanks to Curt for running the challenge to hep clear the backlog! The figures use parts from the Vampire skeleton kit, some Empire Greatsword bits and some greenstuff. These three will be higher level skeletons... be it sergeants, wights or something... else.

The Sculpting masterclass was run by some real legends... Aly Morrison, Trish Carden and Aragorn Marks. Aly and Trish are GW mainstays and should be familiar to many, Aragorn's name might not be so well known, but some of his models should be. Before joining GW he worked for Rackham, sculpting their Dirz line as well as freelancing for the likes of Sodapop and Privateer Press. It was a very entertaining day that taught us some useful skills. I really fail though as I've not really tried sculpting anything since. One day...

On the day we were given a built skeleton built in a similar manner to the ones I did above. We were then taught how to do cloth, fur, chainmail, scalemail and chains

The year before we'd done a masterclass with the 'Eavy Metal team. This is my model from that day. In both cases I can't bring myself to do anything else to the models for fear of messing them up. Plus they are good memories in their own right


  1. Those converted skeletons are amazing! Whatever anyone thinks of GW's games and their balance, they still do make some amazing kits and a lot of them seem to go very well together with some imagination and green stuff! Great job on these!

    1. Thanks. GW plastics are some of the best on the market... even if some of them go a bit too cartoony at the moment. I have been desperately trying to stay out of the 40k/inquisition/necromunda kitbash thing that has been going on for the last few years. The models coming out of it are stunning, but dear god it adds up quickly.