Friday, 5 December 2014

Otherworld skirmish

I'd almost forgotten about these...

Back in June of 2013 Otherworld Miniatures announced a forthcoming set of fantasy skirmish rules, being written by the Crooked Dice team, using their Action:Engine (7TV to you lot). This was supposed to be released via a crowdfunding campaign before *last* christmas, but was delayed and delayed as previous Otherworld campaigns overran.

We saw some sample pages at Warfare a few weeks back and it looked fantastic; packed full of 80's style artwork... think 1st Ed D&D or early GW fantasy.

A couple of days ago there was an update on the Otherworld forum hinting that we'll finally get to see the rules campaign start on the 12th of December. They decided that the rules had been sat on for long enough and wanted to release them. I can't help but wonder if this has anything to do with Crooked Dice announcing 7TV Second edition for next year...


  1. Was updated today saying New Year now. Looking forward to it as well. Gives me time to get some baddies painted up for it!

    1. Gives me time to finish the lasercut floor tiles :)