Thursday, 18 December 2014

I forgot the treasure!

Yesterday I mentioned that the party didn't have much to spend in town. You know why? I forgot to give them treasure cards after the last fight.... duh!

As so many cards contributed to the fight, they all ended up with 3 cards each (1 per contributing card to a maximum of 3).

Jackson picked up some Rattlesnake fangs, a bandanna and an old map. The fangs will be attached to his shotgun for even more damage dealing (+3 damage).

Fred found a Crisp rose, a Hunting knife and an old map. He can't use the rose, so that will be sold next time he's in town.

The Reverend found a Cigar, an axe and a rune of Shadows. Not sure what to do with the rune

Doc has a Silver Buckle (which he can't use), a pick axe and a Rune of the Void.

As Fred could use the buckle, he's swapped it for the Rose, which is of equal value. Hopefully this will help keep him alive a little bit longer next time around.

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