Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cuiser Mk1 (A9)

The Cruiser Mk1 (A9) wasa British fast assault tank designed to bypass the main enemy positions and attack their lines of communication. Seeing service between 1938 and 41.

It's interesting design features three turrets, the main one housing a QF 2pdr cannon and a .303 Vickers machine gun. Each of the smaller front turrets has a .303 Vickers. Sadly the tank was rather cheaply made as it was designed during the post-WW1 depression era and wasn't brilliantly designed. The angles and placement of some of the armour plates led to some severe bullet traps. Combine this with the fairly weak 14mm armour and it wasn't all that safe. On the plus side, because of the light armour, it could achieve 25mph and managed to hold it's own against Romell's Panzer II and IIIs, despite the lack of HE shells for 2pdr guns.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Love early war tanks. They all have a certain "I built it myself" look about them. Great pictures.

  2. Lovely little runabout dude!

  3. I always liked this one, but wouldn't fancy my chances in it against a heavy tank.