Friday, 11 July 2014

Ferret Swingfire

Along with the Churchill, there is a really scrappy looking Ferret Swingfire rusting away in the corner of the carpark.

The Ferret was designed in 1949 as a replacement for the old generation of light scout cars and was manufactured between '52 and '71 by Daimler. Some models are still in use today with various Commonwealth forces.

Originally designed with a small turret carrying one machine gun, the design has evolved into over 6o different variants, including the Swingfire missile turret. The Swingfire was a wire guided  anti-tank missile that was in use up until the mid 90s.

Poor thing...

One of the doors is missing and the entire insides have been gutted.


  1. Wouldn't like that ferret down me trousers

    1. You'd need some *Very* big trousers to fit that one down them ;)

      plus you'd get lots of comments about.. "is that a missile in your pocket...?"