Saturday, 5 July 2014

A7V Tank

The German attempt at armoured warfare during WW1 wasn't quite up to the same level of ingenuity as the British. Only one design made it to the battlefield, the A7V. Introduced in 1918, only 100 were ordered and of that 100, only 20 were actually armoured/armed. The rest were all transport vehicles...

Those that were armed carried one 57mm gun and 6 machine guns. Somehow I don't see this thing being all that good at crossing trenches...

There is only one surviving A7V and that resides in Australia. The one in Bovington is a wooden replica. Here you can see Dan carefully pondering the meaning of life and the effectiveness of German engineering


  1. You can see where the term land ship comes from though, it has the air of a Dreadnought on tracks.

    1. Oh it's certainly an intimidating piece of engineering

  2. Oh, this one is a beauty! It's interesting how quickly Germans learned from their mistakes in denying tanks an important role, eh?

  3. It certainly looks like an ungainly beast, with a strange post apocalypse vibe.