Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Twisted - a Steampunk adventure game

I've not seen too much about this yet, but at Salute last weekend a company called Demented Games were displaying some early prototypes of some models for their new game called Twisted. The game is set in a steampunk inspired London that is secretly controlled by the omnipresent machine called The Engine that aims to make society perfect; by any means necessary. The Engine controls cities through Nodes that are powerful artifacts in their own right, granting whoever controls them immense power. Queue fighting over the nodes with other gangs as well as against The Engine. Besides the steampunk contraptions, there are a number of alchemically enhanced beasts in the world as well as some sci-fi elements.

This game look ever so pretty with it's beautiful boards as you can see below.

The boards represent the sewers, catacombs and tunnels under London as well as various buildings within the city. The one pictured above is apparently one of the larger board pieces, so you can imagine how big a level could become. The game has been designed to do one off games (if you really want to), but they said that it is best suited for campaign play in a league, with the ability to level up and re-equip your party between games. From the descriptions it sounds like Mordheim on a board and should be pretty easy to modify to play on a 3d setup like the new 4Ground fantasy building that were being previewed at Salute too.

Last, but by absolutely no means least are the rather pretty models!

Bill Psykes

This will be getting a September launch on Kickstarter, so there is plenty of time for more information to come out about it. There were flyers out at the event offering a bonus model (Bill Psykes) in the kickstarter if you sign up to their mailing list and enter the show name where you saw the game. Certainly worth doing as he is rather nice!

I can see this being rather easy to enhance with Malifaux and IHMN models too.


  1. Absolutely stunning models! Thanks for relating them.

    1. They were too pretty not to pass on; plus I'm a sucker for miniatures systems that let your characters evolve

  2. Hola
    Las figuras son magnificas,sobre todo el perro y la primera
    Las venden separadas del juego ?¿
    un saludo

    1. unfortunately I don't know if they will be sold separately from the game. I would imagine there will be some character packs available as add-ons during the campaign and afterwards... but at this point we don't know any more.