Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Flowing tentacles and pulpy gray-black, elongated sack of a distinguishing features at all other than the reaching, groping tentacles. Or was there—yes—a lump in the upper body of the thing...a container of sorts for the brain, basal ganglia, or whichever diseased organ governed this horror's loathsome life!
—Brian Lumley, The Burrowers Beneath

I decided I wanted my Cthonian to be a bit brighter than the pulpy grey and black of Brian Lumley's burrowing horror, but it has come out a bit more rainbow than I originally envisaged... For now it's fine, but it's a prime candidate for a repaint in the future


  1. I really like that transition to green on the tentacles.

    1. That was surprisingly easy; it's just a wash of green over the fleshy colour of the tentacles. Some of the transitions could do with being a bit neater... possibly with a very watered down version of the green to blend it together a little bit more

  2. Another awesome paint job! A man can't go wrong with a bit of Cthulhu! :)

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