Sunday, 29 September 2013

Paint comparison chart, version 1

As I mentioned earlier in the week, in an attempt to distract my brain from mentally spending the new mortgage and starting a million painting projects I don't need, I started to catalogue my paints in order to match them up to the Foundry ranges. This is also useful as I'm sure I've got far too many greys and not enough of some of the more useful colours... the joys of painting Imperial Guard!

The foundation of this chart is from the paint chart, but I'm currently trying to concentrate on the paint ranges that I use, rather than everything under the sun, so I've dropped some of the columns. The DakkaDakka chart also suffers from not actually covering all the new GW paints, or the full VMC/VMA ranges, so I'm attempting to expand those areas too.

As colours are confirmed, I'll be passing the information back to Dakka to expand their table as well as keeping a copy here for my reference. The Foundry colours in the chart are based upon the colour swatches presented on the Foundry website and any of the unsorted VMC and GW colours are based upon the colour swatches presented on their sites... so accuracy at the moment is debatable, especially the Foundry item. If you can confirm, or counter any of the matches, just shout.
 May I present draft 1of the Foundry chart.   

The chart will be kept as a page over on the right, but updates will be noted in blog posts.

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  1. I've just checked the paint chart - very useful.

    Thank you.