Thursday, 19 September 2013


After watching Peaky Blinders the other day, I found another BBC series on Lovefilm that looked interesting; this time it's a BBC America series called Copper from 2012. This is apparently a milestone series for BBC America as it's their first program written specifically written for them, rather than importing an existing show.

Copper is set in 1860s New York and follows an Irish immigrant police detective, Kevin Corcoran, and his squad as they try to keep the peace in the Five Points neighborhood, surrounded by the social and political issues of the ongoing civil war.

From episode one it jumps right into the story and doesn't seem to slow down, building up some great characterisation and ongoing plot threads. Kevin is searching for information on his missing wife and dead daughter, while his friend, Robert Morehouse tries to outdo his father's growing land grab and Doctor Freeman faces the ongoing racism in New York, despite his bravery during the civil war.

For some reason this doesn't appear to have aired in the UK, despite being picked up for season two, and isn't available on Region 2 DVD either, which is a real shame as the three episodes I've seen so far are great. We can only hope that they make an appearance now that season one is available on Lovefilm Instant.

Much like Ripper Street, The Devil's Whore and Peaky Blinders, I'm sure it's rife with historical inaccuracies that will leave Claire (and other historians) shouting at the TV, but I think they are fun and will all be great for IHMN/Pulp Alley/Strange Aeons adventures. 

So. What other historically inaccurate tv series should I be catching up on for gaming inspiration??


  1. I'm enjoying Peaky Blinders and the truth behind it but never heard of Copper either.

    1. No-one that I speak to about it has heard of Copper, which seems a shame. I can only hope that the BBC show it over here sometime soon.