Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wartime photography

As a slight deviation from gaming; Kris at Wargames and Railways just pointed out a really interesting Kickstarter for a photography book being run by a guy called Dean Putney. Dean is currently working his way through the large collection of photographs that his great grandfather, Walter Koessler, took throughout World War 1 and compiling a book to showcase his journey and experiences as part of an artillery company. The photos shown so far are really moving and an interesting insight to what happened from a German soldier's perspective.

So far my favourite photograph is one showing one of the more light hearted moments from Walter's travels.

This kickstarter has caught my emotional, if not financial, attention because I've recently been looking through my Granddad's photos of WW2. Seeing part of someone you know, in a distant life through a camera lense is a weird thing... and very sad when they aren't around to ask what was happening. Apparently my Great Granddad's photos from WW1 are around somewhere too, which relate more to Walter's photos as he was also part of an artillery company. I really need to get all of these together and scan them before time takes it's toll.


You can join the already funded kickstarter, or watch as the photos are scanned and put up on Tumblr

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