Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Qu-sh-ug Kickstarter

 Pure Evil miniatures have started an interesting looking Kickstarter to pay for one of their limited models, the Qu-sh-ug, to get a more general release. As you can see, he's a nasty looking thing that looks like he has stepped out of Hellboy.

The tentacles are separate items and can be attached in any number and combination; there are some photos on the kickstarter with one or none that both look fairly good... but I think he looks really neat as he is.

There are also some cultist models (as seen next to the creature) that come with the higher level pledges, or as an add-on. These would work really nicely as stone statues in a graveyard, especially if you added some wings to it's back, or cracked it in two.

In other news, there has been some painting progress, despite all the packing. I still need to varnish and base them before photos are forthcoming, but another 12 zombicide walkers were completed last night... which is leaves 8 more walkers, 8 runners and 4 fatties left to do from the general trays. The quality isn't perfect, but they look good in a horde and were quick to do... so job's a good'un.

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  1. I really like this, I have absolutely no idea what I would use it for, but I still feel the urge to sign up!