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WQ: Wolf Rats

Some more Warhammer Quest critters for you


Wolf Rats are found throughout the Skaven empire, but no-one, not even Clan Skyre, knows where they came from, or how they became such a bizzare, but stable-ish mutation. Some theorise that they are rats that have evolved from the ruins of Mordheim; tainted by the warpstone meteor that destroyed all other life in the area.
Their savage, fearless nature makes them the perfect hunting beast; unleashed in giant packs to hunt down those unlucky enough to have gained the ire of a skaven warlord they make short work of .

Allegiance: Skaven

M WS BS S T W I A Armour Dam Gold
Wolf Rat 8 4 - 4 3 30 5 2 - 2D6 600

Special Rules: Ambush 5+, Frenzy 6+

GM Options
Wolf Rats are diverse and twisted creatures, prone to mutation and afflicted by their foul appetites. Any of the following upgrades may be applied to Wolf Rats
• Pox Feeders: Due to their diet of diseased carrion, Wolf Rats have Plague attacks.
•Warpstone Shard Teeth: Some Clan Skyre Warlocks augment their creatures’ fangs and claws with warpstone impregnated implants, giving the Wolf Rats +1S and Poison attacks
• Bloated Mutants: Many times the size of their kin, these are swollen brutes with a limitless hunger. The Wolf Rats gain +1 Toughness and lose -1 Initiative.

Forge World have specific models for the Wolf Rats

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