Saturday, 20 July 2013

White space marine helmets

Reading back through my Dakka threads, I found a post about painting this marine helmet; sadly I don't have the model any more as it was a gift, but it was certainly an effective way of painting white. I'll try again when I dig all my bits out of storage.

To get a nice, crisp white helmet try the following:

- white undercoat
- Paint thinned VMC Silvergrey in the shadowy areas, leaving about 50% of the helmet pure white
- Paint some sepia wash into the recesses of the Silvergrey areas
- Paint another thin layer of sepia wash in some of the darker areas of the silvergrey once the first layer is dry
- Paint a 50/50 mix of Sepia and black wash into the very dark areas of the shadows.

The trick is not to give the full model a wash, but to just concentrate on the shadows so you leave the pure white untouched.


  1. More useful tips, I often use the silver grey myself, particularly with white shirts.

  2. I'll be sure and give this one a try. Thanks!